UPDATED for 2020 FBA fee adjustments in the U.S.

P3Calc helps you to assess all costs associated with selling a potential product on Amazon to determine if and how it can be profitable.

P3Calc is an Interactive Application (not a spreadsheet) that walks you through a simple Q&A process and features, including all Production, Shipping, Fulfillment, Marketing, Financing and Administrative Costs, and helps you to segment and determine your true cost basis and breakeven selling price.

Current features include:

  • Auto-calculate Amazon FBA size tier
  • Auto-determine if qualifies for Amazon Small and Light Program
  • Detailed breakdown of all Amazon FBA Fees
  • Auto-update of Amazon fee changes
  • Detailed estimate of Landed Cost
  • Determine shipping costs with internal widget
  • Determine HTS code and related duties with internal widget
  • Determine Marketing campaign expenses and variations
  • Determine your Break Even Selling Price
  • Determine Selling Price based on min ROI or profit requirements
  • Calculate estimated profit and loss
  • Calculate and store unlimited products and product versions
  • Export data for use in other applications
  • Upgrade including Amazon Global FBA fees (coming soon)